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The South Wake Edge

Our strategies are designed to maximize the existing assets of the family and minimize unnecessary taxes to achieve superior growth. Taxation is the single largest component of investment return variation over time. All too often, we see major emphasis placed on asset allocation and individual security selection while tax drag is not even considered.


Private Placement

South Wake Capital

South Wake Capital

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Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is a tax-eliminated investment strategy that gives sophisticated investors access to any asset class and investment strategy without the performance drag of income / capital gains taxes.


Private Placement Variable Annuity (PPVA) is a tax-advantaged investment strategy that gives sophisticated investors access to any asset class and investment strategy while deferring taxation for decades. This strategy is particularly valuable for the elderly / uninsurable or families with charitable foundations. (See example page below the numbers need to be able to be changed)

Southwake Capital Asset Allocation Case Study
Asset Allocation (% of Total) by Southwake Capital
Taxable Portfolio vs Taxable Eliminiated Portfolio by Southwake Capital

Private Equity

South Wake Capital operates a healthcare-focused private equity fund, South Wake Partners.

Investment Management

Investment solutions for wealthy families are not “one size fits all." Each family’s strategy should be constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing tax environment, industry innovations, and family goals. We provide tailor-made strategies that maximize tax efficiency and family assets. 

Our team has experience:

  • Utilizing private banking to design interest rate arbitrage strategies

  • Allocating to alternative money managers

  • Leveraging the tax-advantaged status of insurance and annuity products to generate taxation alpha

Estate Planning

We design custom strategies for Ultra High Net Worth families to protect generational wealth from unnecessary taxes and expenses. We work with families to ensure their legacy will be protected and their wealth will be transferred to future generations and charitable causes close to their hearts.

Charitable Planning

We craft innovative solutions tailored to your philanthropic goals. Whether your aim is to develop an everlasting legacy for your family, or to simply support your local community, well designed philanthropic contributions can create ongoing opportunities to transfer family assets to public and/or private organizations, including family foundations.


An important component to any estate plan is gifting, which allows you to reduce the size of your taxable estate. Maximizing the lifetime gift exemption has substantial tax advantages. These gifts can be held by various entities and transferred at discounted values, allowing you to maximize the wealth transferred out of your estate while retaining control over income from gifted assets.

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